Getting to the International Conference

    Know before you go! We've compiled the information below to ensure that your travel experience in Las Vegas is as easy as possible. 

    McCarran International Airport (LAS)

    The MGM Grand Las Vegas is located approximately two miles from the airport – about a 10-minute drive or a half-hour walk. Depending on your mode of transportation and current traffic conditions, consider factoring in additional travel time. 

    Taxi Service

    At Terminal 1, taxis are available on the east side of Baggage Claim, outside Exits 1 – 4. Terminal 3 taxis are located outside on Level Zero.

    Note: Some taxis will not accept credit card payments. Customers should notify the attendant if they plan to use a credit card for payment.


    Ride Share

    Lyft and Uber are currently authorized to provide ride sharing services at the airport. Simply arrange for a ride using the app on your smart phone or mobile device. Designated passenger pick-up locations can be found online.

    Once you arrive at the MGM Grand, your ride share can drop you off at: Main Valet, adjacent to the Porte Cochère.



    Group shuttles are an economical way to get from the airport to most major hotels. Because group shuttles make multiple stops at locations along the way, be sure to factor in additional travel time.

    Advance airport shuttle tickets and reservations can also be made directly with Executive Transportation at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, or through MGM Grand Concierge.


    Driving Directions

    If you are driving to the International Conference, the MGM Grand is located at 3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard.


    Valet Parking

    0 to 60 minutes: No Charge (1st Day Only)

    0 to 2 hours: $16

    Over 1 to 2 hours: $9

    2 to 4 hours: $18

    Over 2 to 4 hours: $12

    Over 4 to 24 hours: $24

    Over 4 to 24 hours: $15

    Over 24 hours: $24 each additional day or fraction thereof

    Over 24 hours: $15 each additional day or fraction thereof


    Visit the MGM Grand Las Vegas website for more information on driving, transportation, and parking.