Pre-Conference Boot Camp Workshops

    Saturday, October 27 | 1:00 pm  5:00 pm

    Session cost: $75 per person, pre-registration required

    Registration for Boot Camp Workshops is $75 per person. To sign up, select your Boot Camp Workshop of choice as an add-on during the International Conference registration process. If you have any questions, contact registration@vrma.org.

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    A Week in the Life of a Vacation Rental Marketing Director

    Join three experienced Vacation Rental Marketing Directors as they discuss pertinent issues, best practices and challenges common to the roles and responsibilities of running a successful marketing department.  Topics include guest and new owner marketing techniques, analytics and dashboards, listing optimization, brand management, social media and more! In addition to hearing from the experts, registered attendees will be asked to submit their own challenges and goals in advance to be discussed during the session. This session will be tailored to meet the needs of the attendees and ensure that your questions are answered. Come prepared for an interactive and dynamic discussion!


    • Tracy Louthain, Director of Marketing & Communications, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties Inc.
    • Valerie Clagett, Marketing Manager, Island Realty
    • Maria Lancaster, Marketing Manager, Tybee Vacation Rentals 

    Doug Kennedy’s “Train-the-Trainer”: Six Models For Training Your Staff On Sales and Service Essentials

    In this boot camp session Doug Kennedy will present KTN’s various models that VR leaders can use for sales and service excellence during both group trainings and one-on-one coaching.   These models represent the essential components of most of KTN’s on-site workshops and private webinars. They can be easily adapted for companies of all sizes and operational models.  Participants receive copies of Doug’s Powerpoint Deck, along with directions for numerous training games, exercises, skill rehearsals and other fun activities.  It covers:

    Hospitality related models:

    • The “Tricycle of Guest Service Excellence ™” to show how every colleague plays a significantly important role in a guest’s overall experience.
    • The “Balance” of Guest Personalities, ranging from “VN’s” to “NVN’s” and the 90% in the middle.
    • The Carrot Model™ for truly conquering guest complaints.

    Reservations sales related models:

    • “Un-masking the story” behind the guests’ plans during voice, email and chat inquiries.
    • The “Value Pyramid™” model for selling experiences and not “renting units.”
    • The new role of voice reservations sales agents: “Narrating The Picture” vs. “Painting The Picture.”

    Speaker: Doug Kennedy, Kennedy Training Network

    Smart Employer: How to Manage Your Risk While Improving Your Bottom Line

    Developed directly out of feedback from last year’s conference attendees, VRMA has crafted a session to help employers learn how to best mitigate their risk in areas that are top of mind for all vacation rental managers. Four experts in the vacation rental space come together to discuss best practices and share tips for success when it comes to interacting with your guests, employees, owners and more – all while improving your bottom line along the way. 

    Starting with owner agreements, Cliff Johnson, an attorney licensed in Colorado and California and the Chief Commercial Officer at Rented.com, will help you redraft your agreement and turn it into a sales tool to close more deals with owners while mitigating risk to ensure you stay within bounds legally.  With a primary focus on growth during his time at Vacasa and now at Rented.com, Cliff lives in the world of the tension between having an agreement that protects you legally while ensuring it does not inhibit your growth.  He'll present some best practices and then take a deeper dive into your specific agreements and get you most of the way home toward a new agreement.  Naturally he will always include a disclaimer that you should always have a local attorney that is an expert in your market do the final review before using a redrafted agreement.

    When was the last time you assessed your people risk?  The risk you run by having the wrong people in the right positions has a significant impact on your brand, your reputation, and your guest’s experience.  Learn how to calculate your cost of hire and turnover so that you can make objective decisions about your “people” risk.  Sue Jones, Owner, HR4VR, will work with you to delve into how to use these costs to make the best decisions for your business, and your employees.

    Justin Ford, Vacation Rental Consultant, A & A VR Consulting and National Vacation Rental Safety Expert will be talking about vacation home safety and the risks that all employees can watch out for to ensure that homes being offered provide a safe experience for the guests. Learn best practices for keeping your home safe and avoid expensive litigation as a result.

    Last, but not least, is the topic that is  – your guests’ data. Understanding the appropriate steps to take when saving this data, using it, and sharing it can all be overwhelming. Jack Newkirk, System Consultant, NAVIS, will share tactics to follow when handling guest data as well as educating your staff on how to do so. Learn the right steps to take so your guests’ information is not at risk, and neither are you.


    • Jack Newkirk, System Consultant, NAVIS
    • Sue Jones, Owner, HR4VR will be talking about people risk and retaining the right team members – turnover and cost of hire.
    • Cliff Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer, Rented.com will be talking about owner agreements and creating one that protects you legally while ensuring it does not inhibit your growth.
    • Justin Ford, Vacation Rental Safety Expert