Pre-Conference Boot Camp Workshops

    Sunday, October 13 | 1:00 pm  4:00 pm

    Session cost: $75 per person, pre-registration required

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    Doug Kennedy’s “Train-the-Trainer” Bootcamp: 2019 Edition
    Six More Models For Training Your Staff On Sales and Service Essentials

    Presented by: Doug Kennedy and M. Cathy Cook, Kennedy Training Network (KTN)

    In the 2019 edition of Doug Kennedy’s “Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp” session, participants will gain exposure to six KTN training modules they can use for future in-house training of their operations and sales staff. Drawing from KTN’s extensive menu of training content, Doug Kennedy and M. Cathy Cook will present three training concepts relating to reservations sales and three for hospitality / guest service excellence.

    Hospitality Modules

    • In the era of online guest reviews and social media, why and how to train your operations team on their important role in marketing and public relations.
    • How to instill a hospitality culture based on the true “heart” of hospitality, which is human kindness, especially to strangers.
    • Validation: How to train your team to provide the missing component in service recovery. Whereas nearly all service providers remember to apologize when guests experience a breakdown in process, product or procedure, few remember the most important part which is to provide validation.

    Reservations/Sales Modules

    • “Who ARE You and WHY Are You Calling Me?”
      • Participants will learn how to train their team to meet the needs of today’s “distribution channel surfing” callers. Understanding what it’s like to be on the search for the perfect vacation lodging experience.
    • Upping Your Game at Selling Experiences and Not Renting Units
      • This segment shows managers how to train their team to “narrate the pictures” that callers have already seen prior to calling. How to move beyond “comfort words” such as “beautiful,” “nice,” and “great!”
    • Putting the Human Factor in Digital Reservations Sales
      • How to use chat as a tool to engage web-surfing sales prospects.
      • Putting a human touch into chat-only exchanges about service issues.
      • How to provide personalized responses to email inquiries that will lead to more bookings.

    Participants receive copies of the full slide deck, along with ideas for training games, exercises, and other fun activities.

    Utilizing DISC Behavior Assessments to Improve Communication Skills

    Presented by: Sue Jones, HR4VR

    Throughout this interactive boot camp, participants will learn about their individual behavior style, how others perceive them, and what they can do to improve their communication skills. The boot camp involves several opportunities for individual growth and development, group interaction, and team building through guided discussion and dialogue.

    Each participant will receive a link to take a DISC Assessment on-line prior to the boot camp. They will receive their DISC assessment electronically to bring with them to the session.   Activities during the boot camp session will be focused on debriefing the DISC Behavior Assessment and learning how to use this knowledge to improve communication skills and reduce conflict. Participants will learn about different behavior styles, how to better understand body language and gestures, how pace determines behavior styles and how to blend their behavior style with people they interact with. 

    During the session we will also focus on how to use DISC behavior styles to better manage workplace conflict. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of the impact of conflict on your business, how they can successfully manage conflict, and “red flags” to watch out for.

    Participants attending this session will be provided with simple tools and practical strategies they can use to improve their communication skills in both their personal and business relationships.  

    A 12 Step Program to Starting a Property Management Company

    Presented by: Jennifer Frankenstein Harris, GreatOceanCondos.com and Steve Schwab, Casago

    This boot camp is for the true beginner looking to break into their vacation rental market and become a true professional property manager.  This fast paced class takes the information successful veterans of the vacation rental industry wished they knew when they started. Take years off your learning curve with the insight of this class from the experts.